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Tartu is a river town, known as the Athens of Emajõgi River.

On the swampy plains of Emajõgi River, where the sandy hills that had formed on the area of Tartu made crossing the river easier, a settlement emerged already several centuries ago. The existence of the castle situated on the foreland of Toome dates back to the 5th century, and the discovery site of the settlers of Kunda culture, which lies in the city’s current boundaries in Ihaste, could extend Tartu`s history even up to 10,000 years. In the old Russian chronicles, Tartu was first mentioned in the year 1030, when the troops of Yaroslav the Wise captured the city. These written sources make Tartu the oldest city in the Baltic States.

By population Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia and is also considered the student capital of Estonia! Tartu is also the cultural capital of Europe 2024 which brings many cultural activities throughout the year.

Tartu has also previously hosted many high level international events including WUC Beach Volleyball, Ski-Orienteering, SELL Games, Powerlifting World Cup